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February 18, 2022 3 min read

Since the 14th century, Valentine’s Day is known worldwide as a day celebrated in the name of love. Since ages, lovers have united on this day to express  their love and affection towards each other. Yes you could gift her chocolate covered strawberries, or a bouquet of her favourite flowers but nothing beats pearl jewellery as a symbol of love that she can cherish for years to come. 

pearl bracelet

The Greeks believed that pearls were tears of the Gods that fell to Earth. Since ancient times pearls have been a symbol of pure love. Hidden deep in the oceans, guarded by oysters, the pearl stands for long sought love and loyalty. A pearl bracelet or apair of black pearl earrings as a gift for your better half is perfect to make this day memorable for the both of you. 

pair of black pearl earrings

As the lover’s daynears, finding yourself in a dilemma to choose the perfect gift for your loved one is natural, especially when you wish to express your love in the most meaningful way possible. Let's explore to make your job easier.

Why Pearls? 

Pearls are known as the ‘Queen of the Gems’. According to the legends, pearls are tears of joyshed by the Goddess of Love- Aphrodite  during her birth that fell into the ocean and discovered its way into the oyster. Pearls, being a symbol of femininity, are known to accentuate one’s beauty. Pearls seem to just highlight a woman’s aura and personality; be it a wedding pearl earrings or a classy pearl necklace.

Australian South Sea Pearls:

South Sea Pearls are the most popular and sought after pearls in Australia that have been adorned by Royal Families around the world and are a sign of style, elegance & grace from time immemorial. They come in varied shapes ranging from perfect round pearls, button pearls, circled pearls and semi round pearls for necklaces, pendants and earrings. Gift  her a White & Gold South Sea Pearls or any mesmerising piece of bridal jewellery from Akuna’s wide variety of ornaments.

Akuna’s Pearls: 

Originated from the aboriginal word ‘flowing or running waters’. We source our pearls from freshwater pearl farmers to ensure 100% authenticity. We use these pearls with the intention to create timeless jewellery that will prevail as a symbol of love and affection for two souls coming together as one. 

Here are a few options for you to choose your ideal gift from: 

  •  Pearl Earrings: 
  •  You can have hand crafted pearl earrings of your choice ranging from  stud earrings, hoop earrings, dangle earrings, or even slip ons. Solitaire stud earrings are definitely a must have while outing, or dangling earrings can be  a great addition to a special evening’s outfit. Our extensive collection of earrings can be used as daily wear or aswedding pearl earrings

    • Pearl Necklace: 

    What’s better than having your special someone adorned with crystals of the sea around her neck. You can choose your style and designs from our catalogue available online. You can opt for minimalistic looks with a single pearl held by a delicate sterling silver chain. Our classic collection of pearl necklaces keep it simple and look gorgeous. You can switch things up with long necklaces, pendant necklaces, or pearl chokers. 

  • Pearl Bracelets: 
  • Bracelets are loved by everyone. They’re easy to wear and accentuate your hand’s appearance. You can choose bracelets with different gemstones or go with the classic all pearl bracelets. 

    Pearls have been the  solution for jewellery from ancient to modern  times since centuries.They are also the only form of crystal that does not cause any harm to the planet and is available naturally. We at Akuna Pearls are honoured to be a part of your life through our art. Find the perfect solution to transcend your love story through us.