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December 21, 2021 3 min read

When gifting abig pearl necklace or pearl bracelet or any pearl jewellery in general to your special lady (or girl), you should consider the size of the pearl counts. However, the quote "bigger is always better" does not apply to pearls. You need to check the pearl colour, nacre, lustre, and overall grade.

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Choosing the Perfect Pearl Size by Age Groups

The Right Pearl Size for Teens & Younger Teens – 5 ~7 mm Pearls

5 ~7 mm pearl size is quite small and dainty, making them an appropriate pearl jewellery size for 12 to 16-year-old girls. Petite women or ladies who adore wearing tiny gems can consider opting for this pearl size. 5 ~7 mm pearl size makes a perfect gift for your younger teen's birthdays, Christmas presents, sweet 16 parties, and quinceanera celebrations. You can also consider buying them as a gift for your daughter for their excellent academic achievements and coming-of-age celebrations.

The Right Pearl Size for Older Teens and Younger Ladies – 7~8 mm Pearls

7~8 mm pearl size is appropriate for young ladies between the ages of 16 to 24. Such pearl sizes offer an elegant and enhanced look to your outfit. 7~8 mm pearl size can be big enough for older teens and small enough for younger aged ladies.

The Right Pearl Size for the Late 20s Woman – 7 ~9 mm Pearls

7~9 mm pearl size is perfect for women between 25 to 30 years of age. Such pearl sizes can be elegant and suitable for every occasion - from business meetings to dinner dates. 7~9 mm pearl sizes are appropriate for younger ladies who prefer basic and simple pearl jewellery.

The Right Pearl Sizes for the 30s Woman – 8~10 mm Pearls

8~10 mm pearl size should be preferred by women in their 30s. However, young women can also consider this size for a starter pearl necklace. 8~10 mm pearl size offer you a sophisticated and professional look, making them perfect business attire accessories. You can wear them for your corporate meeting or job interviews.

The Right Pearl Size for the Women 35 and Up – 9 ~11 mm Pearls

9 ~11 mm is an appropriate traditional size pearl for women 35 years and older. If you are planning to make a big jump, then this is the first pearl size you will find in the category. 9~11 mm pearl sizes are suitable for any occasion - from black tie events to summer barbeques.

The Right Pearl Size for Women 37 to 45 Years Old – 9~12 mm Pearls

9~12 mm pearl sizes are appropriate for women who are in their late 30s or mid-40s. Such pearl size is often known as “Porsche of pearls” because it offers a classy and elegant look to your facial features and clothing. Most successful women in their 30s opt for 9~12 mm pearl size as it projects the elements of stability, strength, and power. However, you might have to put in extra effort to find them in the market. You can consider wearing 9~12 mm pearl size for any corporate event.

The Right Pearl Sizes for Women Over 45 – 10~14 mm Pearls

10~14 mm pearl size is the second rarest sized pearl and is often considered a real gem. Women 45 years and over can choose this size of pearl. 10~14 mm pearl size brings style statement and hipness to your outfit.

12~14 mm are the rarest pearl size. You will have a hard time finding this pearl size on the ​market. Such unique and majestic pearl sizes are fit for a queen.


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