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July 26, 2021 3 min read

Celebrating the 30th wedding anniversary with your partner calls in for a memorable and special time. After all, it's a huge milestone to reach in both of your lives! However, with celebrating decades of anniversaries, it might be challenging to figure out how you can make yoothur 30th special and unique.

Apart from exchanging vow renewals and recommitting to a life together, you would want to offer a piece that lasts a thousand memories. One of the most appealing ideas is to gift your partner something that signifies beauty, faithfulness, and the promise of love for life long - Pearl or Diamond.

Besides, what is the better way to represent your marriage than gifting the most precious gem to your loved one?

What Is The 30th Anniversary Gift?

Traditional Symbol - Pearl

  • Each year of marriage has a material or gemstone that signifies the true emotion of the occasion. For the 30th anniversary, the traditional gemstone is pearl. Pearls symbolise beauty from within and the type of special bond you and your partner share with each other that drives a 30-year relationship. Known as a timeless gift, pearls can depict any theme and add more creativity to a jewellery piece.

Modern Symbol - Diamond

  • Similar to a traditional symbol, modern art lovers have symbolised diamonds as one of the gemstones to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. Its fiery brilliance represents an enduring flame that fuels faithfulness and long-term relationships between both partners. Diamonds are said to withstand extreme pressure and time to add more meaning to a 30th wedding anniversary gift.

Why Pearl and Diamond as Your 30th Anniversary Gifts?

Anniversary gift lists are symbolised by traditional and modern themes, gemstones, and colours. For instance, the 15th anniversary includes traditional theme - crystal, modern theme - watches, gemstone option - ruby, and colour -red.

Similarly, for the 30th anniversary:

  • Traditional theme - Pearl
  • Modern theme - Diamond
  • Gemstone option - Pearl/Diamond/Jade
  • Colour -Green

Being a huge milestone and spending three decades with your loved one, you would want to give something sentimental, long-lasting that can become a family heirloom.

Both pearl and diamond are a perfect way to express your love and lifetime support towards your partner. Like pearls, couples who celebrate their 30 years of marriage are relatively rare, and the gifting handmade pearl flower gift set symbolises the beauty and power of such union.

30th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Pearl Jewellery Collection 

  • Choosing the 30th wedding anniversary gift for mum or wife for your wife depends on what type of person she is. However, if you want to give her something elegant, unique, and romantic, we suggest you choose pearl jewellery.
  • Our range features a wide variety of pearl anniversary jewellery for your wife, each of which has been hand-crafted out of an assortment of stunning pearls.
  • Our Freshwater Pearl Bead Bracelet is a beautifully designed pearl jewellery that has been coordinated with genuine freshwater pearls. The bracelet is also adorned with a sterling metallic strap, giving the perfect blend of elegance, style, and comfort. We also have an extensive range of beautifully designed pearl necklaces that your wife can wear every day or on special occasions.

Celebrate Your 30 Years of Togetherness

Let your loved ones witness a love that indicates thirty years of love by gifting our handcrafted and beautifully designed pearl bridal jewellery. From handmade pearl flower gift set to elegant pearl studs, our curated pearl jewellery collection is the perfect 30th wedding anniversary gift for you and your partner.