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March 01, 2022 3 min read

A necklace is a delicate affair of gems and pearls that rest on your person. Exploring different necklace combinations can help you find your style. Layering necklaces has become a very famous trend in the bohemian world. Minimalist styles are also in demand and can be created with some beautiful  pearl necklaces

At Akuna Pearls, we have a range of pearl necklaces in different styles. If you want to experiment with something unique and out of the box, our baroque pearl necklaces are slowly gaining momentum. Baroque pearls are irregular, non-spherical shaped pearls. What makes these pearls so special is that you will not find the same shape of a  baroque pearl again. These pearls are rare and once you own a baroque pearl, you may not find someone else with the same one. 

Let’s explore a few necklace layering styles and later move on to Akuna’s Fresh Picks! 

Layering Necklaces At Different Lengths:

If you’re just hopping on to this trend, there’s no reason to be nervous. In fact, for a person just trying this style out, it is a very exciting activity. You get to identify what style you think definesyou.

So, to begin with, pairing up to delicate chains accentuated with a few pearls would be ideal. You can choose a choker and a loose laying necklace, or just pair two low lying necklaces at different lengths. One of them can have a single pearl and one of them can have a few pearls as charms on the chain. 

Style Tip: 
  • Too many necklaces can be unflattering. So, you can start with just two or three. 
  • Choose a statement piece and then proceed to choose a different necklace that will complement your main piece. 

Layering Chunky Chains With Minimalist Chains: 

You must have come across a bunch of influencers who have taken to this trend. This style involves one chunky chain worn as a statement piece and other minimalist pieces paired up with it that help to highlight its aura. While trying on this style, you will notice how one chunky chain looks different as compared to when it's paired with a couple of other delicate chains. It’s almost as if they go hand in hand. 

Style Tip: 

  • Use one chunky chain that rests close around your neck and the others at a lower length. 
  • One chunky chain with a few dainty ones looks great. But the other way round may not look very flattering. 
  • Use your chunky chain as the first layer. And if it suits your look and outfit, you can also use it between two dainty chains. 


Here are a few combinations styled with our extensive range and design of jewellery

These are the two necklaces featured in this look: 

Our Classic Baroque Pearl Necklace will sit at the base of your neck while the Freshwater Pearl Floating Necklace (Minimalism) will be layered a little lower to the Baroque piece. This creates a flattering combination of a chunky chain and a delicate one. The delicate chain will accentuate the look of the Baroque statement piece. 

These are the two necklaces featured in this look: 

The choker will serve as the statement piece as it rests closer to the neck and the Odette necklace can be worn at a length of your choice! 

Layering necklaces can be a lot of fun as you get to try different styles. At Akuna, we handcraft cheap pearl necklaces so that style is accessible to all. You can also pair up your favourite pieces with  baroque pearl earrings. So call your girlfriends over and start browning from our exclusive pearl collection!