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June 27, 2023 3 min read


Pearl jewellery has always been a timeless symbol of elegance. From the iconic portrayal of Audrey Hepburn in the 1961 film "Breakfast at Tiffany's," donning a meserising multi-layered pearl necklace, to Princess Kate Middleton wearing pearl earrings in most of her public appearances, pearls have always been favoured by the most fashionable women.

Pearls are versatile accessories suitable for every season and every occasion. Whether it's bridal jewellery or casual everyday wear, pearls make a stunning impression. Pair abig pearl necklace with an elegant evening gown to stand out at events, or enhance your business attire with simple pearl hoop earrings for a minimalist style.   

In essence, pearls are an enduring classic. From dinner parties to office meetings, and lavish weddings to prayer gatherings, you can effortlessly incorporatepearl jewellery trends can be incorporated into any outfit for all occasions.

Below, we explore the popular trends in pearl jewellery that allow you to exude style and sophistication.

The trend of Layered Pearls

Peals look great as part of an ensemble. Layering a big pearl necklace with a pearl choker or combining a pearl pendant necklace with a multi-strand pearl necklace - layering up your pearl jewellery gives you a sophisticated look.

Layering your pearl necklaces creates a distinctive look. Go for a fun casual vibe by layering pearl necklaces of different coloured pearls one after the other or you can go for the traditional layered look - starting with a choker and gradually going for longer necklaces to cover your neckline.

If you like thepearl jewellery trend, wrap a long rope necklace around your neck in two layers. Layered pearl necklaces are suitable for all occasions - from formal events to casual outings.

Mix-and-Matching Pearls with Beads

Beads are typically made of common materials like glass, wood, or metals. They are usually not considered high fashion, but when combined with the elegance of pearls, it creates a unique fashion trend.

You can pair off your pearl hook earrings with a crafty beads necklace or wear an elegant bracelet that contains pearls, beads, and some personalised charms. Mixing pearls with beads creates a bohemian-styled look.

The uniqueness of colourful beads and the prettiness of pearls is an interesting mix that delivers some great results. Try out this mix-and-match trend for some party or a fun outing.

Bridal Pearl Jewellery

When it comes tobridal jewellery, pearls are really the best choice. Many cultures believe pearls are sacred and a symbol of love and fertility - ideal for weddings. Pearls look elegant and sophisticated, which is exactly what a bride aims for on her wedding day.

Fromwedding pearl earrings to wedding pearl necklaces to wedding pearl bracelets, there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether you want something minimalist or grand, pearl jewellery has all kinds of styles to pick out the perfect bridal pieces.

Coloured Pearls   

Traditionally, pearl jewellery has always been white. However, in recent times, coloured pearls have been making a lot of waves. Colourful pearls are rapidly becoming the next popular trend.

If you have been looking for pink pearls in Australia, we have quite a collection. From necklaces to earrings to bracelets, find beautiful pearl jewellery in elegant shades like pink, blue, yellow, and black.

You can also find pearl necklaces of different coloured pearls arranged in a gradient, for example, going from faded white to dark pink. Coloured pearls look beautiful and elegant and give you a sophisticated charm.

At Akuna Pearls, we are home to some of the finest pearl jewellery. Find what you are looking for, frombridal jewellery to modest pearl earrings. View our collections to find the perfect pearl for you.