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April 18, 2023 4 min read

Mothers hold a special place in our lives, showering us with unconditional love, nurturing us, and tending to our needs.  A mother’s love stands tall like a lighthouse even when the storm of life keeps raging on relentlessly. Their unwavering support gives us the strength to take on the world and its challenges. And in the busyness of the ruthless world, we often forget to show our mothers enough love and appreciation. So, how about gifting some beautiful pearl  jewellery for Mum to surprise her this Mother’s Day? 

You must be thinking -jewellery for Mother’s Day is pretty basic. It is not an innovative gifting idea - it might be a bit of a cliche. But cliches become so because they always work! All women, especially mothers, love jewellery. And if that jewellery happens to be a radiant pair of  black pearl earrings, she will surely love receiving it. 

Top 7 Jewellery Picks to Gift to Your Mum 

You want to make your mother feel special on Mother’s Day. And gifting her stunning freshwater pearls might be a brilliant idea. So, we have picked some of our favourite pieces from ourcollections that your mother would absolutely love. 


A sweet gesture goes a long way! These pearl  earrings for Mumare delicate and small and entirely too pretty. She will love this beautiful pair of earrings. Their small size makes it perfect for everyday wear. 

They are not too heavy and can be worn at all times. Your mother can proudly wear them during her evening walk and flaunt the jewellery to her friends.

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See your Mum light up in joy as she opens her gift box to see this beautiful piece of necklace. The Zoe pearl necklace is ethereal to look at. The white pearls are set in the gold chain in such a delicate manner - your mother will surely turn heads wherever she goes wearing this necklace! 

This piece can be worn for parties and special events. Gift her this  jewellery for Mother’s Day and give her a memory to cherish forever. 

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Bracelets are the most underrated piece of jewellery. They are inconspicuous and often get overlooked by others. But the right kind of bracelet can often set a statement. This unique piece - the Arizona bracelet - is a stunning piece that will surely delight every woman. 

Pick up this  bracelet for Mum and surprise her with your excellent gift-choosing skills. The white freshwater pearls are weaved together in a gold wire to give them a catching look, and the aquamarine bead sets it apart with a distinctive look. Gift it to your mother, and she can wear it regularly or save it for special occasions. 

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Brooches fall perfectly under the category ofjewellery for Mum. Give her a winning surprise this Mother’s Day with this refined piece of exquisitely crafted jewellery. The Camellia brooch comes in the shape of a rose with a single pearl sitting right in the middle and pearl shells used to depict some of the petals. 

It is beautiful in a classical way - capturing one’s attention without meaning to. Pin it on your mother’s outfit and see her glow without any makeup! 

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One way to completely astound your mother? Give her something she is least expecting. This magnificent-looking  wedding pearl jewellery set containing a necklace and bracelet will surely do the trick. 

The set is stylish and distinctive and screams elegance. Make your mother feel like the special woman she is with this beautiful gift. Take her out to a special dinner and be awed by how gorgeous she looks wearing the beautiful jewellery.  

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Poised, elegant, and sophisticated - if these are the attributes you see in your mother, then the Crescent pearl earrings are going to be perfect for her. Gift this beautiful pair to your mother and let her boast to her friends about the perfect gift. We have an enviable collection of  pearl earrings in Australia that will win the hearts of all.

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This is a beauty that will surely bring a smile to your Mum’s face. The Lonroe pearl necklace is special as it comes in three colour choices. You can choose between white, lavender, and multi-colour pearls to be set in this necklace. 

So, this allows you to customise your  Mum's jewellery  to make the gift more special. The delicate setting of the pearls on the gold chain makes it a gorgeous piece to look at and your mother will surely love it.

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Buying Gifts for Mumcan be a difficult task. But the results are all worth it. Want to see your mother’s face transform with delight? Pick out any piece from the Akuna Pearls collections and be guaranteed of gifting your Mum a Mother’s Day surprise she will always remember. 

Frombridal jewellery to exquisite  jewellery for Mother’s Day, we have collections that satisfy all your urges. Go through our collections and find the piece you’re looking for.