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August 24, 2023 3 min read

Pearl jewellery is timeless, elegant, and enduring. Women have their pearl bridal jewellerytucked safely, so they are well-maintained for years to come. Some families have wedding pearl earrings often passed down as heirlooms from one generation to the next. All jewellery is worth keeping and taking good care of. But with pearl jewellery especially, they need some extra love and care.

In this blog, we have shared a few tips on how to care for pearl jewellery to ensure its lustre and longevity. If you want your pearl braceletor black pearl earrings to last for a lifetime in pristine condition, then pay close attention to the following tips for pearl jewellery care.

Tips for Maintaining Pearl Jewellery

  1. Wear Them to Preserve Them

While it might seem counterintuitive, wearing pearl jewellery is one of the best ways to maintain their radiance. Pearls were originally formed under the ocean, and thrive on moisture from the air and your skin. Regularly wearing your pearls prevents them from drying out and becoming brittle, so go ahead and flaunt your pearl jewellery as often as possible.

  1. Wait a Few Minutes After Applying Personal Care Products

One easy answer to how to care for pearl jewellery is to practice patience. While getting ready, you must wait at least 30 minutes before putting on your pearls after applying personal care products such as makeup, sunscreen, moisturiser, and hairspray.

These products can cause staining or damage if they come into direct contact with your pearls, so giving them some time to settle will protect your jewellery from outer surface damage.

  1. Layer with Caution

When pairing your pearls with other jewellery pieces, exercise caution. Avoid combining them with metal necklaces or items that might rub against the pearls, potentially causing scratches. Protect your pearls by being mindful of what you layer them with.

  1. Regular Gentle Wiping

One intrinsic part of pearl jewellery careis gently wiping your pearls with a soft cloth while putting them away. Even with utmost precaution, your pearls will accumulate unwanted elements like natural body oils, sweat, and environmental pollutants. After each wear, gently wipe your pearls.

This simple act removes any residue and helps maintain its pristine appearance. The correct answer for how to clean a pearl necklaceis to use a soft microfiber cloth. Be gentle with your wiping action.

  1. Gentle Cleaning for Spots

While regular wiping helps prevent staining, accidents can still happen. If you notice a spot on your pearls, gently clean the affected area with a soft damp cloth.

When it comes to how to clean pearl earrings, avoid using toothbrushes or abrasive materials, as they can damage the pearls. Once cleaned, allow your pearls to dry fully before wearing them again.

  1. Thoughtful Storage Solutions

Proper storage is essential to preserve the quality of your pearl jewellery. Ever wondered how to store pearl jewellery? The ideal solution is to store them in fabric-lined boxes. Or, you may wrap your pearl jewellery in microfiber cloths or linen fabrics before putting them in a locked box. Remember that pearls need some moisture to thrive, so avoid storing them in airtight boxes.

  1. Never Use Plastic

When travelling or in a hurry, resist the temptation to store your pearls in plastic bags and containers. Plastic emits chemicals that can harm the delicate shell of your pearls. Additionally, pearls contain a trace amount of moisture and keeping them in a plastic bag or airtight container can cause them to dry out.

  1. Choose Clothing Wisely

If you wear any pearl jewellery while doing strenuous activities or in hot weather, opt for comfortable clothing that doesn't cause excessive sweating. The acidity in sweat can corrode pearls over time, so it's essential to choose your clothes with due consideration.

  1. Avoid Abrasive Fabrics

While pearls are remarkably resilient, they can be scratched by abrasive fabrics like raw wool, sequins, and metallic threads. Choose soft fabrics when wearing pearl jewellery to prevent scratches and maintain its polished appearance.

  1. Maintain Ideal Conditions

Pearls thrive in a balanced environment. Keep them away from direct heat sources like fireplaces or hot TV screens. While pearls enjoy moisture, extreme heat can damage their delicate structure. It's equally important to provide your pearls with good air circulation to prevent them from drying out.


Your pearl jewellery is more than just an accessory. It is an intricate piece of artisan craftsmanship that deserves thoughtful care. By following these tips and tricks, you can ensure that your pearls continue to shine with the same lustre and charm as the day you first laid eyes on them.

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