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April 13, 2022 3 min read

Diamonds, cocktail rings, and hoop earrings are not the only things you need in your jewellery box. When it comes to pearls, bridal jewellery, or for your daily use purpose, we tend to overlook that they are simply another jewel. The pearl necklace is the most time-tested when it comes to pearl jewellery.

As a rule, most women will possess at least one piece of jewellery throughout their lives. It might be challenging to wear a pearl necklace, particularly in your regular attire, so let us dispel the pearl necklace regulations.

Choosing a Jewellery for a Casual Look

There are many pearl necklaces available due to the length of the chain and the pearls' size, colour, and form.


Because they draw attention and seem to be more formal, shorter, stacked choker-like necklaces tend to be a little dressier. The stacked pearl choker is best avoided if you strive for a casual appearance. It seems to be well dressed.

Longer pearl bridal jewellery looks well with more laid-back looks. In contrast, the traditional 16 to 18-inch necklace is excellent for pairing with a simple top and trousers. Make your outfit stand out by layering many various lengths and sizes.

Avoid the 36-inch rope pearl necklace, which might seem a little fancy if knotted or twisted, mainly if the pearls are large in size. However, as always, it's all in the presentation. To get two layers of pearls, wrap them twice around your neck.

How to Pick the Right Pearl Shape and Size?

An additional technique to customise your pearl necklace to go with your dress and overall appearance is to vary the pearl's diameter or size. When you think about how genuine big pearl necklace is manufactured and nurtured, they must be carefully picked for their size and form. Graduated sizes are fascinating. As the viewpoint of a pearl necklace changes depending on how near or far away you are, it may extend the body.

One approach to add a modern twist to this timeless piece of jewellery is to increase the size of the pearls, but you can also seek a necklace with just one giant pearl. It is best to wear it alone, on either a long chain or a choker, to get the most out of an oversized pearl since it is less likely to fall out of place.


Freshwater pearl in Australia comes in various hues, including white and off-white. Adding a splash of colour to your ensemble is easy with pastel pearl necklace shades.

Classic Freshwater Baby Pearl Necklace featuring 3-4mm tiny freshwater pearls with a Sterling Silver Clasp as an extension is the best option to enhance your look and give you a versatile option to suit your daily wear.

Coloured pearls have a laid-back, carefree vibe that pairs well with various ensembles. Just choose a shade that complements your skin tone, personal style, and overall appearance.

Wearing Pearls Casually: A Few Rules to Follow!

A pearl necklace worn informally conveys a relaxed and unpretentious air. If you wear far too much jewellery or choose items that aren't appropriate for a casual situation, your goal will be thwarted. As a guide, consider the following criteria:

  • To avoid seeming stodgy, go for a plain pearl necklace instead of one too ornate.
  • If you are wearing a dress or a top, try and match the necklace's neckline. Choose whatever you think looks decent; there are no hard and fast rules here.
  • Long pearls that fall over strapless or off-the-shoulder garments provide a fashionable and balanced effect.
  • In Australia, chokers and princess-length Freshwater pearls look lovely with necklines such as the crew, boat, or scoop cut.
  • If you want to get the most out of your pearl necklace, wear it with a solid colour top or dress rather than a busy pattern. The pearls will shine brighter as a result.


We hope you have learned that pearls are not only for formal events; they may be worn every day and at work. Invest in a fabulous pearl necklace if you have not already! It is always in trend! A big pearl necklace trick is to choose one whose colour, lustre, and hue complement your attire and body type while choosing the appropriate necklace length.